Oregon Daily Emerald

I worked at the University of Oregon newspaper, The Daily Emerald, all throughout my four years in college. With experience as a News Reporter, Arts and Culture reporter, Copy Editor and Outreach Director on management staff, my versatility, collaboration ability and willingness to adapt have flourished.

A familiar face,

an unknown story

It's been more than 30 years since Katia Varo crossed the border to the United States as a child. She had no idea the life that awaited her when she arrived. 

Eugene supports its immigrant community

When President Trump issued a travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries in 2017, Eugene took action. Activists organized a protest rally scheduled for the next day and garnered 2,000 participants. I wrote a cover story about the issue due that night for the next day's cover.

Grazing through Spring:

Recipes for spring season fruits and veggies


While on the Arts and Culture desk, the design editor and I worked together to come up with a piece that would be visually appealing and timely. I created four recipes for this cover story while incorporating the local angle of using Eugene produce.

Review: 'Zootopia' is more than a kid's movie


As an Arts and Culture reporter, I wrote several reviews on movies, food, TV shows and music. This review features Disney's Zootopia and commentary on the light it sheds on acceptance and equality in society.

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